We are group of enthusiastic people who "Play for Fun". We are the champions of Easy Kanto Japan Cup 2016 (First season) and 2017. We play cricket over weekend and always  looking for the like minded, enthusiast for cricket to join us. Whether, you play well like legend or ordinary but if your spirit for cricket is extraordinary, do join us. We have teams and games for both the Session and Tennis ball cricket game. If interested, leave us a mail.


We have been playing cricket in and around Tokyo for around 15 years. We are open to all members who wish to join us irrespective of any region they belong to. We have a very good blend of professional and fun loving people who runs cricket in their blood. 


This cricket group in Tokyo was started by 5 individuals in 2005. The main motive was to get some exercise done with some entertainment. Over the time group become bigger and bigger and had more than 30 active members making all the weekend games pretty interesting.

We never had any competition for Tennis ball cricket in Tokyo before 2010. Different clubs use to play friendly games occasionally. MIB Club members were thinking to have a competitive tennis ball tournament from quite sometime and after the launch of IPL in India, TPL was launched in Tokyo in 2010. The formal name as Men In Blue (MIB) was then given to our club just before TPL participation. Since then MIB is organizing TPL every year successfully. March 11 earthquake in Japan had some serious impact on number of members and it fell down to almost half. But again we are back to more than 25 registered members.

The key for the club's success is the club management and the key principle of "FUN" in the members blood which have never made the club to die.



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